Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First couple of days - Italy

We are just getting ready to leave Italy and enter the Swiss Alps. After leaving the Mediterranean ocean we crossed the Appennine mountain range just north of Genoa. We went through beautiful little towns. After the mountains the landscape change completely into flat agricultural land with rice paddies and corn fields.  On day two got stuck in a thunderstorm in the late afternoon leaving us ride in rain and darkness. Got to the city of Novara late in the evening completely soaked and exhausted.
The next day we continued north and set camp by the east coast of Lake Maggio about 15km from the Swiss border. We are now looking up at the Alps and mentally preparing for a week of heavy riding. It will without a doubt be hard but more importantly, it looks incredibly beautiful. As long as the weather is on our side...
We do only have limited time to get on the Internet so the blog updates right now are kept short. As soon as we get a day off we will make sure to tell you more.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome trip!!!! Makes me miss Europe!
    By the way, Lake Maggio in italian is Lago Maggiore which means the bigger Lake (as it is bigger than Lago di Lugano). Thought I chime in some local knowledge.... after all I spent most weekends of my childhood at, on or in this Lake.
    Keep enjoying and I hope to see you guys in Hawaii sometime?
    hugs, Anuschka