Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The lamest excuse

I am really too tired to write. It is the lamest excuse I know but suddenly it hit me. The last couple of weeks have been so intense that I haven’t really allowed my head to relax. Maps, pack lists, bike repairs and modifications. Pack and unpack. How much can you fit on a bike trailer? I could write a list and tell you if you want.
But now we can no longer change anything. Whatever is in this car heading south towards Italy is all we have to play with for the next few weeks. And the first thing that has to be sacrificed when doing something like this is vanity. The only luxury is seeing all the cool places we will be riding through, not what is packed in the trailers. Things get dirty fast and smelly even faster. You just have to accept it. We estimate that we will average about 100km (about 60 miles) per day. So taking days off means we have to ride more the rest of the days.
I am sure that in about a week from now I will look back a my lame excuse today and wish I could slap myself over the head while I redefine what being tired means.
Ok, go to wake up. Might as well take another look at those maps and pack lists…


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